Member Insights

This page features interviews of Guild members sharing their insights into quilting and Guild membership.

This interview by email is from Nancy Moshier.  Thanks Nancy!

    1. How were you introduced to quilting? I have a background in weaving and have always sewn, having 3 daughters meant clothes, I’ve even gone so far as to make a suit for my husband, many curtains. I’m addicted to fabric. I also do genealogy and in doing so found out that my great grandmother not only designed her own quilts but made many for her large family using newspaper as her patterns and old clothes as her fabric.
    2. How long have you been quilting? About 25 years and still learning.
    3. Do you have a favorite fabric type, thread type, stitch type, pattern? Fabric , I love any pure cotton fabric and I have a stash of it, Thread, my favorite is Aurofil and now I’m getting to know machine embroidery thread, Stitch type anything that my Bernina can do, pattern I’m doing some patterns from Missouri Star Quilt Company, mostly using jelly rolls, layer cakes and nickles, very easy to follow.
    4. How long have you been a guild member? Since 2006 I think.
    5. Do you hold any other Guild memberships as well/ I used to belong to the Tucson Guild but I found they were too big a group for me and I now am only a member of this guild. Smaller and friendlier.
    6. What does the Guild do best for you? It keeps me motivated and very busy, and I have lots of friends.
    7. Have you participated in any other Quilt shows, won any awards, have pictures (please attach)? Just our quilt shows I have a first place ribbon from the 2015 show and a first place from the 2017 show.
    8. Have you participated in any other quilt shows, won any awards, have pictures? No
    9. What’s your best advice for beginning quilters, Experienced quilters? Attend the Bees you can learn so much by getting to the bees. Take the workshops even if you already have done what they are teaching you can learn some new techniques.
    10. Do you have a resource you’d like to share a link for(please put link in the email)?Missouri Star is good, Craftsy has lots of classes, some free, some not, good source.
    11. What personal information would you like to share (families, pets, other hobbies? I am a weight recorder for TOPS, take off pounds sensibly and am very involved with them, I also do genealogy and that is another addiction I have, my house is my studio and every wall has my quilting on them, I need more walls.
    12. Any other tips or tricks you’d like to share? Try everything you can in quilting the more, the better, your only limits are your imagination and your wallet.